Our Process

We pride ourselves in being a Patient-Focused Practice.

What does this mean?

Ear Nose and Throat doctors who have decided to hire Audiologists as opposed to hearing aid dispensers. This allows us the freedom to choose the appropriate hearing device for each individual and not be limited to a specific hearing aid manufacturer. We work directly with a few of the leading manufacturers of hearing devices. Options allow us to fit the hearing device that will optimize your hearing experience.

Our Doctors of Audiology possess the highest credentials that can be obtained in the profession of Audiology. Our proficiency is exhibited through our education of the hearing system and acoustics, patient satisfaction, and our undertaking of continuing education in the most current technologies.

We use our education and experience to strive to meet the following goals with each individual patient:

  • Educate our patients in a way that they fully understand their hearing loss and the impact it may have on them
  • Provide realistic expectations for our patients regarding the benefits of amplification
  • Work together as a team with each of our patients to find the appropriate hearing device for their hearing loss and lifestyle
Patient-Focused Practice
Patient-Focused Practice