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Audiologist talking to patcient about hearing aid devices for her hearing loss


Facts about hearing health.

Audiologist talking to patcient about hearing aid devices for her hearing loss

Frequently Asked Questions

An ear that feels clogged can be due to earwax impaction. Sometimes earwax can build-up inside the ear canal and become impacted. Our audiologist will be able to determine if wax is the reason that your ears feel clogged or if it is hearing loss. If it is earwax, she will do her best to remove it.

With many types of hearing aids, yes! Many of the hearing aids we carry at AOD Hearing Aid Center are Bluetooth connective and can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. Depending on the brand of your hearing aid there is a corresponding app that can be used.

  • Oticon – Oticon Companion app
  • Signia – The Signia app
  • Starkey – Thrive Hearing Control app

Just as every hearing loss is different, so is every hearing solution. When our hearing specialist recommends hearing aids, we always look at your whole hearing picture in order to be able to make the best recommendation. We want you to be happy with your devices and be able to hear the sounds that matter to you. Using the results of your audiogram and our discussion about your lifestyle, we will help you find hearing aids that match your unique needs.

When you buy your hearing aids from AOD Hearing Aid Center, first and foremost you’ll receive our ongoing support to help you during your entire journey to better hearing! You’ll also receive a 1-3-year manufacturer warranty depending on the technology level you purchase. The warranty includes repair services and a loss or damage benefit (small deductible) from the company.

Your job is to wear the hearing aids consistently and work with our audiologist throughout your journey!

Tinnitus is most commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears,” however it is actually any sound heard internally. Some examples of sounds people describe tinnitus as include hearing a ringing, chirping, white noise, or whistling. Tinnitus can be disruptive to your quality of life, especially if you experience the sounds on a constant basis. Although there is no cure for tinnitus, hearing aids can help. Contact our office to learn more about how we can help you.